Woods of Knowledge

Terrain Type: Temperate Forest

It is said that the silence before the beginning of the world can still be heard beneath the branches of these woods. Certainly, this primal forest has stood since the beginning of time, and the incursions of humanity cannot harm it. The trees themselves are alive, and share a consciousness – which is considered by many to be the most intelligent entity in the known world. Seekers of forgotten lore come to tread the forgotten paths deep under the trees, and ancient towers of long-gone wizards stand in varying states of disrepair. The Woods share a close bond with the nearby town of Caitan, as its buildings were crafted from the timbers of the Woods themselves. The Dragon’s Spine marks the northern edge of the Woods.

The Woods seem to attract fey creatures – satyrs, pixies, dryads and more can be found in the cool shade beneath the branches.

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Woods of Knowledge

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