The Norwood

Terrain Type: Temperate Forest/Hills

Nobody wants to go into the Norwood. They never have, and likely never will – sages suspect a magical warding of immense power far beyond the reach of any mortal caster. Those who have attempted to trek through the wood are struck with a strange kind of lethargy, as if they just can’t be bothered any more. Lake’s End has only a small ridge between it and the Norwood, and Kwona is just south of the wood’s southern reaches.

What lives in the deep wood is unknown, and the only creatures that are known to live there are simply what has been seen at the edges of the forest. While they are recognizable creatures, they seem to give off an aura of strangeness. One or two yellow-green reptiles with leathery fins have been seen soaring above the forest on occasion.

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The Norwood

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