Short and Long Lakes

Terrain Type: Temperate Plains/Aquatic

Long Lake is not actually a lake – at its southern end it turns into the Bay of Lament. Regardless, it lies to the south-east of its shorter companion, which is south of Agium and west of Hermit Plateau. The western side of the Plateau is quite steep, and clouds that try to climb it are forced to abandon much of their moisture. Numerous vineyards take advantage of this, and line the shallower slopes of the rise. North and west of Short Lake are wide expanses of farmland, but the shores of the lakes sport only a few fishing hamlets. The southern end of Long Lake cuts through the Great Forest.

Packs of worgs menace the area around the lakes, making it dangerous to travel at night; this is compounded by the presence of a tall ungainly humanoid with rubbery green skin which roams the darkness. The lakes themselves are relatively benign, with only the occasional monstrous crab to disturb the peace/get caught and eaten.

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Short and Long Lakes

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