Lake Elenya

Terrain Type: Temperate Aquatic/Plains

Lake Elenya shares its name with one half of the couple from Ornoth’s most popular romantic tale, leading to speculation that it may not have been just a legend.

The lake itself is close to the Floodplain and Mount Spark, and is quite large as a result of the amount of rain that flows into it. Few creatures are found near it, as the locals have taken up portions of shore for fishing hamlets, and tend to scare the wild animals away. The lake gets a little less rain than the floodplain, and has a mild temperature most of the year round. The occasional storm blows in off the sea in summer.

Stirges are a common problem around the edges of the lake, and there are fishermens’ stories of the plants in the lake being alive. Swarms of poisonous jellyfish are a seasonal occurence, drifting in on the summer storm swells.

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Lake Elenya

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