PHB Class Name World-Specific Name
Barbarian Berserker
Bard Minstrel
Cleric Priest
Druid Shaman
Fighter Warrior
—Monk —Ascetic
—Paladin —Crusader
Ranger Hunter
Rogue Sneak
Sorcerer Blood mage
Wizard Scholar (mage)

So far, no monks exist anywhere in this world, mostly because it has never made sense that there are Oriental martial-arts masters running around a Western medieval fantasy setting. However, if the party’s actions somehow inspire the institutionalization of a monkery (sic) then that is completely fine – because it will then have a coherent reason for existing in this world.

A different situation exists with paladins. Only a single crusader from each town exists at any one time, and are empowered to speak as the spirit’s voice in all matters. The spirits send their envoys to take care of issues outside their sphere of influence, which often extends little further than the gate. Needless to say, this is probably a little too much power for certain players to be in control of (although it could make for unexpected and exciting storylines)—and besides, the demands on each town’s crusader leave little time for adventuring.

To see how a particular race treats a certain class, check the page for that race.

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