Adventure Stubs

You can add short adventure stubs here if you want.

I’ll think up some complications for them, or even some subversions, so you don’t have to worry about making them particularly complex. If you know where you want the adventure to be, put that as well – if not, I’ll look it over and find a spot for it somewhere.

Label them with your username so I know who to blame. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, though.

A few examples:

  • [Zedric] A merchant hires the party to protect a wagon of goods – Anywhere
  • [Zedric] The party, as outsiders, are contracted to commit a crime – Redking City
  • [Zedric] Something attacks the town – Anywhere
  • [Zedric] The trees are being killed – Woods of Knowledge
  • [Zedric] A strange frost spreads in the middle of summer – Hermit Plateau
  • [Zedric] Hydras suddenly become territorial and attack each other – The Great Forest
  • [Zedric] Undead attack nearby villages – Bleak Forest
  • [Zedric] Strange rumblings are heard from the mountain – Mount Reynard
  • [Zedric] Pestilence spreads across the fields – The Floodplain
  • [Zedric] A cyclone brings unwanted “guests” from the ocean – Lake Elenya
  • [Zedric] Heavy rains in the last few years are expanding the swamp – Green Marsh

Adventure Stubs

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