Marquis De'Luse

Impulsive, confident and well prepared Half Elf Ranger


Marquis is a well stocked, talented, and somewhat impulsive half-elf ranger. She has been known to bring everything but the kitchen sink and still manage to fit it all comfortably in her pack. As her party would tell you, Marquis often does things without a second thought and is wholly unpredictable. One moment she’s bashing in doors and the next she’s checking around every corner with a mirror. But if anything is certain, she is totally confident in her ability to succeed in every situation.

In terms of appearance, Marquis is tall and wiry with very little in the way of shape. She has short, blonde fading to brown hair with sharp elf-green eyes. A keen advocate of sun-safety, she is never without her hat and wears a large poncho to protect her shoulders and arms from the harsh rays of the Ornoth sun. She carries a huge backpack which has several ergonomic straps around the front (“An adventurer with back problems is no use to anybody”). Her bow is strung across her shoulder with a full quiver of precision arrows.

Ranger 1

Str 15, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 10

HP 14, Gr 8
AC 15


“A De’Luse is always prepared!” – Marquis De’Luse

The De’Luse line is as rich in talent as it is in gold. Which is quite a lot. Specialising in the nature-based arts, many of the land’s finest rangers, scouts and geographers have De’Luse blood running through their veins.

Marquis grew up on a large estate with her two elder brothers all of whom received the finest education available.

Marquis is now adventuring for fame and fortune to make her mark in the great line of De’Luse. (She personally hopes to discover some historically significant ancient temple or priceless relic)

Marquis De'Luse

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