Players: if you have any things you’d like to see, either added to the wiki or as a permanent feature of the world, add it to this page.

For permanent additions, my brain is starting to run dry, so help is always appreciated. I’ll probably need to push and tweak both new and old to make it fit in, but I will make sure to go through the changes to the new material (on this page, in the Discussion section) with whoever suggested it before finalizing anything.

A couple of stylistic considerations:
  • Dot points will probably make it easier to keep everything organized
  • When editing, please make sure that nothing gets deleted – this wiki does not keep page histories
    • Also names help track who said what, so make sure you name every point you write
  • Any implemented suggestions will be crossed out and have “Implemented” at the end

Having said all that, have at it!


  • [Zedric] What do you think of having, on each location page, a little section that says what are the most well-known monsters in the area? Either the unique ones (e.g. the trio of winter wolves that harass Mount Spark in the winter), or the most common (e.g. corporeal undead in the Bleak Forest), depending on what the area has. Implemented
  • [Zedric] Do you think the pages for each of the settlements should have the town’s symbol? If so, who wants to help think some up? Implemented
    • [Zedric] Also maybe totem animals for each town…?
  • [Snooper] The ruins near the norwood need a backstory and a mission. We discussed this in person, something about the evils of the wood taking over the not-so-ruins and everyone dissapeared or something odd or weird… Then it ruined over the years and no-one goes near it… Suggested high level campaign quest.


Nobody has suggested anything to add yet, so there are no discussions :(

  • [Snooper] ax^ n integrated is (ax^ n+1 )/(n+1)
    • [Zedric] Oh ha. Very funny.

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