Little Brimble

Little Brimble is a small town (or a large village) located to the north of Mount Reyall (to be decided). It is located on the ridge of a tall hill. Houses line the slopes on either side and the streets are treacherous to navigate, though the townsfolk seem to get around fine. Shops and stalls are set along the main street which follows the ridge of the hill, leading to a town square. Where the rise flattens at the top are the larger, more lavish houses where the richer populous reside.

Little Brimble’s chief Inn is named The Three Wenches, named after the three women that died when the brothel in that same location burnt down. It may be a coincidence, but no waitresses serve at The Three Wenches. Little Brimble is a mecca for inexperienced adventurers, having no short of goblin problems and needy villagers.

For those who would remember the town spirits, the spirit of Little Brimble is cheerful, if somewhat over enthusiastic. The townsfolk consequently have a tendency to overact when something great and exciting occurs. The talkative spirit infects its townsfolk giving them the tendency to endlessly chatter about useless nonsense and town gossip.

Current status

You know that the town was razed by Adventurer’s Inc due to suspicions of cult activity. Most of the town is now comprised of burnt out husks of buildings, though some of the bigger houses and some outlying ones remain slightly intact. Luckily, when you had cleared the town of the negative energy surrounding it, its spirit begun slowly returning, and with it the builders and farmers and new life. Hooray for your good deeds.

[Note: This town is from the second age of the campaign. In other words, many years in the future]

Little Brimble

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