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Currently, players will need access to the following sourcebooks to build characters:
  • Player’s Handbook
Subject to player consensus, the following books may also be required:
  • Book of Experimental Might
  • Book of Experimental Might II
  • Pathfinder Core Rulebook


With regards to sourcebooks not listed above, please check before using stuff from them. I’ll probably say yes, but I’ve heard bad things about a lot of the spells in the Book of Vile Darkness, for example.

Non-core races will probably be allowed, but only if the player writes the wiki page for them :D

Any non-core class is fine provided it fits with the story of the world. Those that do not will require justification from the player, and a solidly-constructed backstory.

  • An example of a non-core class that would fit the world is the spellthief (Complete Adventurer) – since many people do not fully trust arcane casters, some of the more paranoid towns train guards as spellthieves to lessen the danger that magical opponents pose. These guards usually do not progress far enough to learn spells of their own, instead being content with the ability to drain spells from others. Other spellthieves may have been jealous siblings of blood mages – irritated by the attention afforded their spellcasting kin, they learned to siphon off some of their powers and fool others into believeing that they too were magical.
  • An example of a non-core class that would fit the world with some tweaking is the favoured soul (Complete Divine) – these might be the more active members of a town’s clergy. While clerics are mostly content to stay within the boundaries of their spirit’s influence, favoured souls travel the land for various reasons. They may act as messengers – seeking out those who share their faith but live elsewhere in order to bring tidings from home and family. Some may seek citizens of other towns who are dissatisfied with the philosophy of their town, and would fit better with the spirit which the favoured soul serves.
  • An example of a non-core class that would not usually fit the world is the warmage (Complete Arcane) – Ornoth, at least, contains no war colleges, arcane or otherwise. Large-scale battles are now almost nonexistent, and since arcane casters are generally distrusted and sometimes feared, the concept of a warmage is a terrifying one. However, it may be that a small group of mages have formed a secret academy to train their children to become the tools of the spirits’ destruction, and have sent out a single student to seek the ancient scrolls of banishment.

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