Accidental banisher of the spirit of Kwona


While in the town of Kwona, looking to trade scrolls and other miscellaneous items of wizardry to the townsfolk, Toren read aloud one musty old scroll. Unfortunately for both him and the town’s spirit, this particular scroll was the incantation used to destroy guardian spirits.

With their protector gone, the people of Kwona looked to the culprit. His chagrin and sense of honour precluded his simply leaving the town and letting the people fend for themselves, so he took the mantle of guardian upon himself.

For the last few decades he has been caring for the town as best he can, even going so far as to make mechanical constructions which can channel positive energy to heal the injuries of the townsfolk. However, he was by no means young when he accidentally banished the spirit, and the intervening years are beginning to take their toll.


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