Samieth Martua

Criminal master mind in the making. But not by choice.


Rather short for a human. Naturally very dexterous and stronger than he looks, Sam relies on these and his intellect to get him through a thief’s life. How ever when it comes to his job his luck doesn’t seem to be on the same page. He has a permanent light hue to his skin from his training in the hot sun. He has lightly calloused fingers from his messing with gadgets from a very young age. His dark brown eyes are often obscured by his shaggy black hair which mostly hides beneath a skull cap which hides beneath a small brimmed fancy fedora of a match to his eyes in colour. He generally seals himself within a shell of chain shirt armour covered by a dark, but light trench coat that ends about halfway down his thighs, which as well as his shins, knees and pelvis are covered by skinny dark rough leather pants. His shoes are of almost suspicious quality soft brown leather, considering his status in society, or lack there of. He generally arms himself with a rapier and a bow, little good the do him with his luck but he likes the security.

Str 15
Dex 18
Con 13
Int 16
Wis 13
Cha 11

Ac 18

Hp 14
Gr 6


“There’s a saying about. ’No honour among thieves.’ Bang on, that one.” – Samieth Martua

Born who knows where unto parents unknown was Samieth Martua. Left to an orphanage in Chakor at the ripe old age of 7 months, the whereabouts and state of his parents are unknown (Altough some research suggests they may have once lived in Ravenwatch). In the adoption centre for a reasonable time, he was adopted at age two by a man known only as Mr. Georgeson. This of course an alias most regularly used by recruiters for the thieves’ guild, but it is also a name popularly used by men who have left a child at the orphanage and decided to get their children back but don’t want to go through the extra paperwork… His training started the next week.

He was picked for his potential dexterousness, his keen eye and his general demeanour around the orphanage. His eventual small frame was an unexpected bonus.

At age six Sam’s real thieves training began. He was a natural with his theory, he was above many that were years his senior, but he seemed to struggle with some of the guild’s rules concerning regular activities and tasks, he was given a book on this subject at age 8 that he still reads from time to time to remind himself. There are a few big rules that have defined his personality. The first one states, “If you are caught, you are no one”. This followed by “Don’t trust anyone”, and “Take what you can”.

Sam’s training with locks and gadgets was mostly placed in a secret outdoor location during the day. Absolutely no shelter was available apart from a small room he was allowed in only if he could pick the lock. This lock he was only allowed to attempt that after he solved a physical puzzle consisting of many small traps and locks. Once in the shelter his supervisor would reset or replace the puzzle and Sam would have a couple minutes to have a drink of water and get back out there.

At age 12 they began Sam’s training with a weapon. Preferring the thrust rather than the swing, he generally focused on the rapier. He wasn’t quite able to put the dexterity he puts into everything else into his sword play, he got better results for consistency’s sake with the bow.

Never really adept at eloquent speech Sam was forced to take the silent methods. In other words he was good at squeezing out of certain situations but not ones that required talking. He became aware of this at an early point and decided he would be best applying him self at the not-being-caught side. Of course he trained himself for escapes as well. This of course wasn’t helped by his sometimes self inflicted isolation. He developed a rather crass sense of humour and a skewed sense of desire. This coupled with his curiosity and his ability to sneak turned him into a bit of a perve.

Despite these social flaws he liked hanging around with small groups. He’s almost always first in with a wity remark or a dirty joke, because he loves to make people laugh (although it doesn’t happen half as much as he tries). Although, as soon as the group reaches double figures he becomes completely different, barely uttering more than a quick and quiet “yes” or “no”, usually staying a little bit out of the main bulk of the group and avoiding eye contact. The temptation to pickpocket someone grows the more people in the group.

At age 21 he was raised to the rank of Rogue where he is allowed to leave his set tasks and join a travelling party. After a month or so of eyeing out parties he decided to join a group containing some brain, some brawn, some curiosity, some magic and some finesse… Oh. And Quip…

Samieth Martua

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